Beauty Break: Lighten Up with AMBI

My current skin care regimen has a big focus on acne and hyperpigmentation.  My teenage years were pretty much blemish free, so this whole adult acne thing is throwing me for a serious loop.  The worse part is the hyperpigmentation (dark marks that are left from the breakouts).  Sure, you can cover up the spots but flawless skin is the best base for makeup, I'm a firm believer that the driving force behind makeup application should be enhancing your beauty not covering up flaws.  

When Glam offered the chance to try out the AMBI line I jumped at the chance because I was having major skin issues and I want these marks gone fast!  To be totally honest and truthful, I had avoided AMBI in the past because the active ingredient Hydroquinone is hot topic in skin care and in the past drastic measures weren't exactly needed.  Now, I need drastic, I need to be fixed! 

For the past week and a half to about 2 weeks I've been using the complete AMBI system, which I know is only a small amount of time to see results.  That's probably why I'm not exactly seeing much of anything yet.  I'm loving the cleanser so far, I love that it's a foaming cleanser.  It works great to cleanse my skin, without the dry feeling.  My only complaint is the small amount of salicylic acid - 2% usually does nothing at all for my breakouts.  In the before and after photo you can see that I have different pimples than before I started.  The Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer is good because it's not breaking me out, provides sunscreen and doesn't leave a funny white film on my face.  I've been using the fade twice a day on the affected area only, but so far looking at my comparison shots my hyperpigmentation looks about the same, the spots I had are still there and the new pimples left different marks, but I'll let you be the judge.  I plan on continuing with the system to see if it will actually fade the marks because 2 weeks is just not enough time to really see results.  I'll keep you guys posted!  

The experts in skin of color, brings you a skin care regimen to help you achieve flawless skin. Use AMBI®’s Even and Clear Foaming Cleanser to help clear breakouts and reduce dark marks. Follow with Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer, so skin will look even and smooth. And AMBI®’s #1rated Fade Cream, diminishes dark spots and discoloration, for a beautiful and natural skin tone. 

 Disclosure: Compensation was provided by AMBI® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of AMBI®. 

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Anonymous said...

I too had clear skin as a teenager. However, I have recently battled adult acne and I won (so far). I had to get a dermatologist because the over-the-counter products were not working. That appears to have done the trick because I am blemish free (for the most part) and back in business. :) Good luck.