Motion's Naturally You! Product Reviews

So, by now you've seen all the event recaps for the Motions Naturally You! Collection.  We all had a blast, enjoyed cocktails, and quizzed Ms. Ursula Stephen on hair care.  But I know you guys are dying to know more about the actual products.  I've had the opportunity to actually try out the collection and I have to say my relaxed hair had it's favorite products.  

The Motions Naturally You! Collection features a Moisturizing Cleanser, Smoothing Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Masque, Curl Defining Cream, Curl Hydrating Pudding, and Radiating Gloss.   So far I've tried the Moisturizing Cleanser, Smoothing Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Masque, and the Radiating Gloss.  

First up, let's chat about the Motions Naturally You! Moisturizing Cleanser.  This shampoo was very gentle on my hair and scalp, yet managed to lather up well and get my scalp clean.  My hair felt like it had a little moisture to it too from the shampoo, but not enough to feel as though I could use this product without following up with a conditioner.  The scent is nice, it smells clean and does not linger on my hair.  The reason why this is perfect for naturals?  It's packed with moisturizing properties and ingredients that help soften the hair.  

The Motions Naturally You! Smoothing Conditioner worked okay, but I happened to really like the Motions Naturally You! Deep Conditioning Masque.  Unlike most deep conditioning treatment masques this one is thinner in consistency making it great for naturals with super thick hair because it makes coating all the strands easier.  

Have you ever put a thick conditioner on your hair and had to fight with the product to get it down to your new growth and on all the strands?  Well, with this you will not have that problem.  If you love thick conditioners, I urge you to give this one a chance even though it's not thick because it really packs a good moisturizing punch.  I applied it to my hair, threw on a plastic cap, and sat under my hooded dryer for about 10 minutes and my hair was soft like I'd sat under there for at least 20-30 minutes.  

I have yet to try out the Motions Naturally You! Define My Curls Crème and Motions Naturally You! Hydrate My Curls Pudding because I've been rocking a roller-set and blow out but I have used the Motions Naturally You! Radiating Gloss and I have a love/hate relationship with it.  My hair loves the actual product because surprisingly even though it's meant for naturals it's light enough to use on my somewhat fine relaxed hair.  I have an issue with it due to the packaging.  The pump gives way too much product, I wish there was a way to control how much comes out when you use it.  I feel like because of that small design flaw I'm going to go through it faster than I otherwise would have.  

So ladies, will you be trying this collection? 

5 two cents:

Anonymous said...

For the Motions Naturally You Cleanser, it has Sodium laureth sulfate in it. Will this be too harsh for someone with Natural hair or transitioning?

Anonymous said...

Is Motion's Naturally You is not all natural?! I've been using only natural products on my daughter's hair and I really see a difference. Wanted to try this brand but will not if it isn't natural.

The Fab Girls said...

I recently started a blog for African American tweens and teens and I want to incorporate more beauty posts. Thanks for showing me how it's done!
These Motions products look amazing.

Anonymous said...

My hair is so soft and healthy now . My kinky curls arent as dry and damaged as it were before.But how ever,dont over use these products they can get very greasy.Overall my hair is soft and blowing now (:

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the motions curl definer? I've read the ingredents and it appears to me that this particular product is not all natural. Granted I've used it once and it really does make my curls more defined, however it leaves my hair feeling really dry and it's flakey. Has anyone else experienced this?