Honey Based Pre-Poo Treatment

This week I decided to dabble in the world of Honey for my pre-poo steam treatment.  I whipped up a mixture of Honey, EVOO, and Tropical Isles Red Pimento Oil.  As a part of Operation Wedding Hair, i've really been taking my pre-shampoo treatments seriously.  Each week, I've been doing some type of pre-shampoo treatment and I really think  it's beneficial for my hair.  In case you're new to the whole Healthy Hair Lifestyle, a pre-poo treatment happens before you start to shampoo and it really gives your hair an extra boost.  

Let's take a closer look at this weeks ingredients: 

(Golden Blossom Honey, $6.00 Amazon.com)

Honey - I chose to use honey because it is great at providing moisture to the hair.  Dry hair equals breakage when it comes to my hair.  So providing it with extra moisture is essential.  Honey is naturally a humectant which means it attracts and holds moisture, which is great for dry, chemically treated, natural, or damaged hair.  

(Olivos Organic EVOO, $18.00 Amazon.com)

EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great oil to use because it's plain and simple.  Practically everyone has some stashed in their kitchen and it has it's own benefits.  Conditioning, shine, and even dandruff control are just a few of the benefits of throwing a little EVOO in your hair.  

(Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil, $15.00 Amazon.com)

Tropical Isles Red Piment Hair Growth Oil - I choose to add this in because it has all my favorite hair care oils in one, coconut oil, JBCO, and Jamaican Red Pimento Oil.  It's like the secret star ingredient in this Pre-Poo treatment.  

How I did the treatment:  For this treatment I wanted to start out with damp hair so I wet my hair and then covered with a towel while I whipped up the mixture and got my Huetiful Hair Steamer ready to roll.  Then I applied the mixed up treatment to my scalp and down the length of my hair, clipped the ends up, and proceeded to sit under the steamer for about 30-45 minutes.  While I'm under the steamer, I usually blog, read, or chat on twitter!  

Afterwards:  Thoroughly shampoo your scalp and proceed to the conditioning steps of your weekly hair care routine.  

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