Huetiful Steamer is Haute

(Huetiful Hair & Facial Steamer, $127.95 Amazon.com)

I'm such a fan of my brand new Huetiful Steamer System.  The Huetiful Hair and Facial Steamer features a hood for hair steaming and a separate attachment for facial steaming.  I've said so many times that I'm a fan of hair steaming.  Steaming helps deep conditioning treatments penetrate deeply into the hair's cuticle to help make your hair stronger, softer, and more ready to take on the world!  Alright, maybe that last part is an exaggeration but steaming is amazing.  It's also very beneficial for scalp issues.  We all know that a healthy scalp is the base for fabulous hair, so it's only right that we treat it every now and then.  

If you remember, I have a large stand up steamer but it is really limited because of it's size and more so the fact that you need to use distilled water and you cannot add anything to the water.  With the Huetiful Steamer you can use regular tap water and you can add essential oils to the mix.  So if you want to give yourself a relaxing facial with lavender oil, you can add a drop or two to the water.  Or maybe you can add some eucalyptus to the water to help clear up your sinuses. For a really awesome scalp treatment add a few drops of tea tree oil to help solve all your scalp issues.  

Of course everything can't be rainbows, unicorns, and cotton candy.  I do have a few issues with the steamer.  First issue, the sound.  My big huge steamer is virtually silent, but this little puppy makes watching TV while I steam hard because it does make some noise.  So instead, I'll just read while I'm under the steamer.  Second issue, my back of my hair (nape area) gets neglected.  I steamed my dry hair and afterwards that area was dry while the rest was damp.  Other than these issues that aren't deal breakers, I love this steamer.  

For more about Hair Steaming Benefits, check out our post on that! 

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3 two cents:

Tracey said...

Glad you found it beneficial. I've been wondering since I'm a natural head if steaming is still considered heat and could I get heat damage by steaming? Don't know much about it, seems like a wonderful addition to your hair care regimen.

BonafideLatina~ said...

great review!

*My Healthy Hair Journey said...

Thanks for the review