Self Relax: Cantu Clinical Straightening Relaxer

So a few weeks ago I self relaxed using Cantu Clinical Straightening No Lye Relaxer System. I must say that this relaxer is the best at home relaxer I've ever used. Usually I have to turn to other products along the way while I'm relaxing whether it's vaseline to base my scalp and hair line or a better conditioner to thoroughly moisturize my hair after relaxing, but with the Cantu relaxer everything I needed plus more was included with the kit.

cantu® Shea Butter Advanced Clinical Straightening No-Lye Relaxer System, includes:

Step 1: Pre-Care Protective Balm. This step is applied to the nape of the neck and hairline to protect exposed skin during the relaxer mixture application.
Step 2: Anti-Breakage Pre-Care Treatment. This step is applied only to hair that has been previously relaxed as it helps to reduce the possibility of unnecessary breakage or damage.
Step 3: Deep Conditioning Straightening Crème
Step 4: Liquid Activator
Step 5: Neutralizing Color Indicator Shampoo with Anti-Itch. This step suspends the relaxing process and ensures thorough rinsing to reveal any relaxer residue. Anti-itch formula penetrates deep to provide instant relief of a dry, itchy scalp.
Step 6: Intensive Reconstructing Treatment. This step repairs damage caused by chemicals, heat or color applied to hair. Helps restore incredible softness, elasticity and shine to even the most severely damaged hair or dry, brittle hair.
Step 7: Deep Conditioning Moisturizing Treatment. This step restores moisture and infuses Shea Butter to nourish and strengthen hair.

The only thing I switched out was the gloves and not because they were those cheap paper-y kind, because they weren't they were good quality latex (powdered) gloves but I'm allergic to those so I had to use special gloves. I relaxed my hair just like how I usually self relax and it came out great, the Intensive Reconstructing Treatment followed by the Deep Conditioning Moisturizing Treatment is exactly what freshly relaxed hair needs and finally it's available right in a relaxer kit.
The kit should be available in your local drugstore for about $20 but unfortunately I can't find it around my way. For more info checkout Cantu.com

5 two cents:

Redbonegirl97 said...

Wow there is a lot in hat box.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Steph said...

Sounds good. I wonder how this compares with Phyto.

sssdawna said...

ooo! pics please! : )

Marina Bodrick said...

Hi, i wish to know about Cantu relxer because now my old hair ( the ones who have been relaxed with Profectiv, unfortunately i used the super one. damn! The hair are ok but with a brown or chopper color). Luckily i do aphogee and Kerasilk. Does this relaxer it makes the new growth silk and very straigh? One more thing does it makes your color chopper? because i saw a lot of bad comments about this relaxer. Thank you!

Joi Ashley said...


No this relaxer did not change my hair color.