Ombre Hair Color on Black Women

The Ombre hair trend doesn't look like it's dying down any time soon (no pun intended). What exactly is the Ombre look? Dark roots that gradually get lighter leading down to light tresses, the result is a honey dipped look on dark hair. The color look looks great on women of color too!

Ashanti with her Ombre locks styled half up and half down

Raven Symone with Ombre waves and down to there curls

Beyonce with Ombre + Bangs! 

Will you be trying the Ombre trend?

3 two cents:

Dasia said...

I never thought of doing anything like that, I wonder how it would look with red at the end instead of blonde.

Hair Keratin Treatment said...

I really love those two tone color trend.It make the hair look so much better.

Mads said...

Thinking about it but only on a weave or clip ins, never my own hair.