Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer Review

MIZANI Butter Blend Relaxer Mild/Fine/Color 30 oz
(Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer, $14.90 Amazon.com

My most recent relaxer was on Feb. 22nd. I decided to self relax because I did not feel like my scalp being abused after my relaxer with a blowdryer. I followed my normal relaxer prep (click the link to see how to do it) and proceeded to relax my hair. I alloted myself the whole entire afternoon and I had nothing to do in the evening either, so basically I devoted the entire day to pampering my hair. The Mizani Butter Blend relaxer is pricer than your typical drugstore relaxer kit at about $13.00-$20.00 but I really liked the results.

I experienced no burning, no irritation, and no adverse effects. In fact, the most I've ever sustained as the result of a relaxer is sore area with no actual open skin and that's part of the reason why I still relax my hair to this day. Moving right along, after my relaxer I used a neutralizing shampoo I had left over from another relaxer kit (I save them and they always tend to come in handy) because even though this relaxer is pricer it doesn't come with anything, just the relaxer itself. After I thoroughly shampooed my hair with the neutralizing shampoo, I moved right along to my Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair and then started with my super conditioning routine that included steaming and traditional heat. I'm very pleased with the results and I will probably use the same relaxer next time unless something new catches my eye.

Those looking for pics expect length updates in April.

2 two cents:

zoopath said...

Do you like this relaxer better than phytospecific?

Sia said...

Your hair looks great. Almost makes me want to get a new perm.