Change Your Hair Texture - Pop a Pill

Pills on a spoon

The internet has been buzzing with talk of the pill that can change your hair texture. Hair bloggers all over are questioning their readers, "would you take a pill to make your hair straight?" Yet, there is little talk about changing from straight to curly, which the pill is also said to do. Check out the original article here.

I think it's a tad bit freaky actually, to take something internally to change the hair texture. I mean applying relaxer to the hair is one thing, that's external but taking a pill? Nah, I'll pass. With an external relaxer I can control the amount of straightening I want to have, with a pill who knows what might happen. Plus, imagine the possible side effects of this. My guesses are excessive shedding, loss of thickness, baldness, increase in hair growth in other places, change in the texture of your eyebrows, and who knows what else!

2 two cents:

Beauty and Health Editor said...

Well, in the quest to look good, some people will manage to put themselves in danger.

What could this drug do to your body in the long term, it may be a cancer causing, DNA damaging pill, it could also adversely affect the body's hormones but never mind as long as it makes the hair straight...

Anonymous said...

Relaxers also have adverse effects, many of the ones you mentioned. I'm not trying to convert you to a natural lady, bc I enjoy your blog a lot bc it's NOT a natural hair blog. However, the pill that you speak of can be seen as just as bad as a relaxer. Just something to think about.