Black Owned Hair Care Companies

So the black hair care industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry and I'm sad to say black people are not in the majority of those profiting off it. So this post is going to serve to let you guys know about some great black owned hair care companies! Please share your product and company reviews via email to editor(at)theantihairslave(dot)com. Well written reviews will be published right here, so start writing!

This list will continue to be updated so please feel free to let me know of a company I may have missed.

Karen's Body Beautiful
Oyin Handmade
Miss Jessies
Carol's Daughter

Qhemet Biologics
Jane Carter Solutions

Bronner Bros. 

16 two cents:

Anonymous said...

Brendita's Body Work

Anonymous said...

I have a few, Komaza, Kinky Curly, Butters-n-bars, and Darcys Botanicals. I personnaly have used kinky curly knot today leave-in this is a definite must have!...Butters-n-bars, excellent products and service, i purchased my henna, shea butter and the scented shea butters smell soooo good. Darcys Botanicals luv the products, the smell, and excellent service. And they all have affordable prices and are mostly if not all natural products.

Anonymous said...

Dudleys is a black owned.

Cas said...

I second "anonymous"... Brendita's Body Works!

Mahogany said...

Black Owned Beauty manufacturers

Organic Root Stimulator
Carol's Daughter- www.carolsdaughter.com
Natural Oasis- http://www.naturaloasishairproducts.com/
Afrikan Republic- www.Afrikanrepublic.com
African Royale (Bronner Brothers- www.bronnerbros.com)
Essations Multi-textural – www.essations.com
California Curl
Dudley Hair care products www.dudleyq.com
Takedown Hair products- http://www.takedownproducts.com/
Isoplus – www.isoplus.com
African Wonders- www.africanwonders.com
Luster's- http://www.lusterproducts.com/
S-Curl (lusters)
Extasi Hair Products
BB (Bronner Brothers)
Madrid's International Hair care products. www.madridsinternational.com
iLora L'original Hair products
Boundless Tresses (very very good) www.growthspecifics.com
Natures image: Twist n' locks
Royal Roots
Diva By Cindy- www.Shadesofu.net
sizta 2 sizta - Great Quality Great Price- www.sizta2sizta.com
Oyin Products www.oyinhandmade.com
AfroVeda- www.afroveda.com
HairVeda products- www.hairveda.com
Claudio St James Hair Products
Global Beauty (hair tools)
Black Magic (For men)
Kizure Hair Products (Hair tools)
Mr. Leonardo hair products (Hair restoration) www.mrleonardo.com
Princess Kayla’s Natty locks hair products
Wonder Gro hair products

There are few more. These are the most popular ones

Anonymous said...

Inky Loves Nature [http://inkylovesnature.com] 100% vegan certified, Cruelty-Free approved by PETA and the CCIC. Unique formulas contain fair-trade, organic, bio-dynamic ingredients, freshly handmade and ridiculously yumtastic. Grass roots, community based, culturally focused ideals, supporting woman and empowerment in the community. Plants a tree with every product sold. As seen in Marie claire, Glamour and New York Times Bestselling book, Gorgeously green.

Ms. said...

Thank you for this list! I decided that I will make a better effort to buy black this year. I've purchased hair products from Qhemet Biologics, which worked fabulously for my hair.

I did some research and found Afrikan Republic and wanted to know if they were black owned. So many companies with "African" in their name and not owned by Africans or African Americans, so I wanted to double check. That's how I found your site! Thank you and keep doing what you're doing!

Ms. Pillowz

Anonymous said...

According to BOBSA Dr. Miracles is not a Black owned manufacturer.../.

Sherrell said...

Dr. Miracles is NOT black owned. please take it off the list.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Miracles is nit black owned... It's owned by a White Man

Anonymous said...

Translucent is a black owned company.

MissKris said...

Dr Miracle is NOT black owned. Dr Miracle was started by a white man who is a serial entrepreneur. He beefed up the products with menthol to make the scalp tingle and make us think it's doing something spectacular. It's really ruining a lot of heads of hair...

ABAgail said...

Eden Body Works and Curls Unleashed
are also Black owned companies!! :)

ABAgail said...

Eden Body Works, Curls Unleashed :)

Anonymous said...

Shea Moisture is Black owned.

abigail wickham said...

KuSHEaMa Hair care is owned by a black woman of caribbean descent