How to: Use Cinnamon Oil for Hair

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Cinnamon oil is said to help with hair growth. My thought on this is simple, the cinnamon oil has the ability to tingle the scalp, causing an increased flow of blood to the area. Increased blood flow is always good for hair growth.

Now if you want to try and incorporate the oil into your hair care regimen, I would start by using the oil prior to your shampoo as a pre-shampoo or pre-poo treatment. Just a few drops combined with a carrier oil then applied to your scalp and then massaged in for a few minutes prior to washing is enough to start, the tingle might be rather intense to some people.

Another way to use cinnamon oil in your hair care regimen is by using it as your scalp massage oil, that is if you like the scent of cinnamon and want an oil that will stimulate the scalp. I used to do scalp massages all the time, just for the sake of relaxation but when times tight it's the first thing I stop doing.

More on where the cinnamon oil thing got started? You might be surprised to find out who put me on! Check Here.

3 two cents:

Margarida539 said...

yeah, this oil tingles, all right. there's got to be a way to dilute it a bit. this oil can actually burn the scalp. i've used it before, and i thought i was going to die. i had a few small scabs even. joi, have you tried it before?

The Anti Hair Slave said...

Margarida, it sounds like you used the essential oil. It's really important to never ever apply an essential oil directly to the scalp because a lot of essential oils can and will irritate the skin or scalp. Here's more on essential oils vs. carrier oils http://theantihairslave.blogspot.com/2008/11/lets-talk-oils-for-hair.html

I have used both. Essential cinnamon oil (a few drops mixed with jojoba oil) and a pre-made cinnamon oil that I found in the "ethnic" aisle at CVS.

kiki said...

you can not use this oil if you got a fresh perm it will burn you scalp but it does work..