Advanced Cosmetic Hair Dye Review

Remember months ago I dyed my Gram's hair using Bigen dye? Well she hadn't dyed her hair since then and that was back in November. Check the before and after pics. Today, I re-dyed her hair using Advanced Cosmetic Permanent Hair Dye in Medium Golden Brown (5GD). The unique thing about this product line is that the hair dye has no harsh chemicals such as para-phenylenediamine (PPD), ammonia, or resorcinol to color the hair. Instead of using harsh chemicals highly purified plant based dyes - RBE-Colors - have small molecules, which helps them penetrate hair naturally and gently without having to force the hair shaft open. Advanced Cosmetic's use special extraction techniques to physically separate the colors from the plant matter and mix them with natural mineral salts to make their unique permanent hair color.

Product Description: Our permanent hair color products contain no bleach or peroxide so they don't 'lift' color – meaning you won't wind up a lighter shade than you already are. They are formulated with super-pure, natural plant dyes that gently deposit lush color to enhance your existing shade, cover grey, add highlights or deepen your color, depending on what your original color is and which hair color you use.

AHS Thoughts: This kit included everything you need to dye your hair, from the mixing bottle, to the stain guard for around your edges - everything is in the box. The gloves are not the best, so if you dye your own hair or do a friends I would suggest you invest in hospital quality gloves. These types of gloves fit snugger to your hands allowing you to move freely without feeling like the glove might slip off or rip. The amount of color coverage to the grey area of Gram's hair left much to be desired. She's pleased, but I'm not. I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping this would cover all the grey hairs but it only covered them slightly, ever so slightly. It made the rest of her hair a rich vibrant brown, but the grey hairs still shine through. After all that work, the kit suggests that you use heat on and off for 35 minutes to ensure that the color really takes. We did that with my bonnet style dryer for about 40 minutes on and off and it's still didn't come out like I wanted.
This is a picture of Gram's hair before we dyed it, just to show off the length. Her hair is very thick and it's growing very fast too, I might add.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

you did a great job!