Mizani Relaxer Review

(Mizani Classic Relaxer, $24.00 Amazon.com)

Last Friday, April 3rd I rushed to the Beauty Supply Store purchased a Mizani relaxer then rushed to the hair salon to get my hair done after work. Thankfully, the salon was pretty quiet and I was able to get in and get out. I used the Mizani Classic Relaxer Sensitive Scalp and not the Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer, the difference between the two is lye. Butter Blend relaxers are lye based and the classic is no-lye. Overall, the process was very gentle I must say. If you remember my last relaxer experience with Fabulaxer, I was less than pleased because it was way to strong for my scalp. Plus, I only relaxed 8 weeks ago and I was in need of another relaxer, and you guys know I'm big on stretching at least 10-12 weeks. Anyway, back to Mizani Classic, it was great my scalp did not tingle, burn, or anything like that. My hair came out sleek, straight, and soft. I went with the sensitive scalp verison because of my last relaxer, the tingly feeling was not pleasant and I wanted to give my poor scalp a rest. I couldn't bite the bullet and pay $60 for the Phyto Relaxer, but I'm seriously considering after the wonderful RAVE review T wrote. I might have to plan my next relaxer to fall on the same time as her's so I can "sample" her leftovers!

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Viki said...

Though I can't relate to the relaxers talk, I just wanted to say I found your blog last night and I really like it. I love that you're a recently licensed nurse who loves beauty stuff, cause I'm a nursing student who loves beauty stuff. My friends sometimes ask why I'm in nursing instead of something related to makeup or hair care (um... job security, anyone?) so it's nice to know there are nurses who are as crazy about hair care as I am! Looking forward to new reviews, as my hair loves richly moisturizing products and oils like the things I've seen you review. (Coconut is my go-to oil, too).

BonafideLatina~ said...

Thanks for the Mizani review!!! The salon that I go to has both Mizani and Phyto but for the Phyto they are charging like $135 for the service which is crazy. I was wondering if you had any other tips? Thing is that I heard that the Phyto Relaxer has a few steps and not every salon will know how to work it...I am not someone that has ever self-relaxed and would be scared to. Just wondering if you knew any salons that would take either Mizani or Phyto w.out charging over 100 :(
I live in NYC

Anonymous said...

I have used the Phyto 1.5 years ago and I will not recommend that product. Very drying, shedding and my hair actually came out. I use to have very long hair now it is shoulder length and it is still in the process of trying to get back healthier and grow. My stylists has always used affirm and I requested the Phyto. This was such a huge mistake. Recently I took over the health and care of my tresses and I purchased the Mizzani, Butter Blend Sensitive. My hair is much happier, moisturized and looking back healthier.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that comment about the Phyto relaxer. I had long flowing beautiful hair. My stylists always used Affirm as well. Switched to Phyto one application and my long hair was history. I was so disappointed. I workout 5 days a week. I was my hair like 2-3 times a week. Deep condition my hair. Since using Mizani Butter Blend I can say my hair is happy and conditioned but sheds and lacks body. I have fine think hair so I need assistance on getting the body back.