Treat Your Hair While You Work

My schedule has been very busy lately and I really haven't had the time to devoted an entire day to doing my hair at home. Instead, I have been going to get it down weekly. So far so good, I have no breakage, no thinning, no problems. I bring all my own products to the salon and it's no problem. Now with that being said, since I am in a salon I can't just sit under their dryer for an hour or two but I still want to treat my hair to a longer treatment. So I whipped out my EL' Treatment Rejuvenating Scalp and Hair Serum and saturated my hair from the ends up and put it into a tight bun and went to work. This particular oil has a bit of a smell, thankfully if faded by the time I got to work and no one was the wiser. So for 8+ hours my hair was being treated while I did the things I needed to do. Once I got to the hair salon, my hair had completely absorbed the oil and it did it's thing. My hair was soft, shiny, and easy to manage.

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BreZn said...

I do the same with my hair!I work the over nite shift so its easier. After giving report,I'll do a D C on dry hair before LEAVING work, cover with a plastic cap throw on my winter cap/scarf and be ready to shampoo by time I get home.