Ghee is not for Me!

What is Ghee? 100% pure clarified cow butter.

Uses: Ghee has a place in Vedic religious ceremonies as well as in the kitchen.

Honestly, I purchased it because I saw it in the Indian store and remembered reading about how wonderfully it made someone's hair shine and I thought ummm let me try some. NO NO NO NO! This stuff stinks like you would not believe! I opened it and took a whiff and dry heaved! I quickly put the lid back on and sat it down. I will not use it, I'd rather have dry looking hair than smell like that! Yuck! I'm sure you can mix it with other things to make it pleasant, but I can't stand the smell long enough to try.

4 two cents:

Songbird B said...

Maybe its the brand you used. Also, depending on where you got it (particually the Indian Store) in might be spoiled. They don't give you a true date on their products s you might have a rancid product. It should actually smell very light and buttery. It's a very faint butter smell, not to heavy at all. I definately think you have a spoiled batch. I'm really sensitive to smells and if it didn't bother me, I'm almost positive the one you have is spoiled. If you honestly don't think it's spoiled I have a suggestion, I don't like smelling like buttered popcorn so I used it as a pre poo. I mixed it with honey and cheapie condish (Suave, Tresemme) and drenched my hair in this mixture. I left that on my hair and steam turbaned it for 1 or 2 hrs. (I was just watching tv you know, lol). Then I rinsed, followed with my Indian Poo, DC, then final rinsed with my smell good condish (herbal essences). My hair smelled lovely afterwards. I can't imagine using this as a moisturizer, but it works well as a pre poo cuz it does soften and silken your strands. Sorry this is so long, I just don't want you to waste your money. Be very careful about Indian Stores cuz some of their products really are VERY old.

The Anti Hair Slave said...

I hope you're right because I was wondering how people are actually using this stuff!

The Randomness said...

I just bought my ghee and it smells like cheese (I am lactose intolerant) but I am going to stomach it and take it like a soldier :) I am using it on dry hair and then I will wash it out tomorrow with a clarifying shampoo. My hair is just thirsty and am willing to do anything at this point ;) Pls dont give up

Anonymous said...


Pure Ghee is something that never gets spoilt. In fact, according to Ayruveda older the Ghee, better the medicinal effects. Infact it is used as a apreservative as is in many preparations. Look for the right brands. If you get it in your country, Nandini or GRB are the best brands.