Roux Fermodyl 619

I read about this product on a hair board, my grandmother mentioned she had used this years ago and didn't think they still made it. Roux still makes it, it has just been updated from a glass ampule to a plastic ampule. Anyway I purchased one ampule to try, the 619 which is formulated for chemically relaxed hair. First let me say, before applying this leave in treatment my hair was very very soft and afterwards mmm not so much. Right off the bat I disliked the product, first because the ampule is very annoying to use. I had to put it in my hands then try to apply it to my hair before it spilled all over me. Once I moved past that issue I began applying it to my soft untangled hair ... the result ? hard and tangled hair. Needless to say I will not be using this product again.

Anyway here the companies claims from Roux.com:

  • Interacts and bonds with the hair treating it from the inside out.

  • Deep-conditions to leave hair healthy looking, shiny and manageable.

  • Improves quality and shine. Hair is more receptive to styling and chemical processing.
End thoughts: I do not like the way this product made my hair feel at all and I didn't even use the entire ampule.

1 two cents:

T.S. said...

Sounds like the one you used is the 619 extra strength. It has protein in it. I don't care for that one, unless I use it after a touchup. The 619 regular for curly or coarse hair is wonderful though.